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Company Profile
Micro-Mech is closely held family owned business that is growing consistently from its establishment since 2004. One key to its continuous growth has been its ability to determine the clause of customers pumping problems and solve the problems with custom engineered solutions. Another important factor in Micro-Mech's ongoing growth has been its commitment from very early on to stock and make standard catalogue items, which will be available on the shelf. Mico-Mech is dedicated for producing products with superior performance and high reliability, while still maintaining low cost, and servicing our customers in a timely and professional manner.

Micro-Mech main product goal is to develop and produce pumping products that address the need of various industries, OEM's and end user's alike. Towards this end we have embraced a very customer-centric drive that has lead us to develop wide variety of non-metallic pumps for chemical and corrosive industries. Our products have grown in popularity in few years to become and consider its standard product line. In some instances our custom engineered products are simple modification of our standard product line. While in other cases Mico-Mech have designed entirely new style and types of pump to suit exact customer needs and specification.

Pumping for Micro-Mech is not just a business but also a passion, we have never competition seriously, we operate order to support our clients in the operation of their pumping and other preventive maintenance, spare parts, replacement pumps and retrofits etc.


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